Monthly Paint Classes Are Moving to Patreon!

Monthly Paint Classes Are Moving to Patreon!

Monthly Paint Classes Are Moving to Patreon!

I’ve been at this whole thing for a few years now and I’ve still not found a great way to connect with my audience in a more meaningful way. Instagram falls through the cracks time and time again, emailing blasts make me feel icky (thank you to everyone who stuck with me through the holiday emails), and I haven't quite figured out TikTok yet lol. 

Watercolor Artist Jordan McDowell

Over the past year and a half, my monthly paint classes have been an amazing way to get to know some of you. I love teaching them! They do take a LOT of work to prepare for and for me to continue doing them, I needed to find an outlet that allows me to manage the experience better, for everyone participating. 

Because I live in Sweden most of the year now, it’s dark quite often and especially at hours that most of you would like to paint with me. I want to elevate these classes and offer you all a better painting experience and to do so I need to invest in more equipment. 

I also want to share with those who are interested, more insight into my creative process and behind-the-scenes. Sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Being able to get off the content rat race and create again for myself and for my supporters, you, is the dream. I’d love to have my audience's input guide my classes and tutorials. Want to learn how to paint flowers or animals more? Then we can put it to a vote on my Patreon page

Artist Studio Jordan McDowell

Patreon was recommended to me by a fellow artist and educator, Maja Faber. She said over coffee one day, just move the classes you already teach over to Patreon and then expand on them from there. Create a more intimate setting there for the people who want to support and learn from you.

Here we are, the launch of my Patreon page

I’ve created my Patreon page with my specific audience in mind. Some of you are avid art lovers but not artists yourself and some of you are interested in becoming full-time artists like me. I’ve created tiers for both to enjoy and in both you’ll receive LOADS of goodies. 

A breakdown of my tiers...

The Arts Ally

The place for those who love art and enjoy peeking into the world of working artists. Here, you'll receive lots of behind-the-scenes WIP photos, videos, blog posts about what it takes to make art. It's also a great way to send positive vibes my way via a small contribution to my art. 

The Crafty Creative

You love art and supporting artists and help make their dreams come true. You probably collect art but also enjoy dabbling in it as well. If you create art as a way of relaxing or as a form of therapy or simply as a hobby, this is the place for you.

The Creative Connoisseur

This is the place for my avid art collector and art enjoyer. You may not be on your way as a working artist but you enjoy having art in your life on a regular monthly basis. Here, you'll have access to my live 2hr structured monthly paint classes and will be able to build community with other attendees + bring in family to join.

The Adventurous Artist

For my aspiring artists or for those who want to cultivate creativity in their everyday lives. Here, you'll get a deep dive into my world as an artist and access to all of my classes, workshops and workbook sessions. Have questions on how to get your art career going? This is the place.



There is SO MUCH I’m sharing with you on my Patreon page that I won’t be sharing on Instagram. I’m really hoping this is the place to begin building a community and tribe around art and creative living. 

Take a look at my Patreon page and see if a tier’s benefits sparks some interest in you. I hope to see you there! 

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