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Hi, I'm Jordan

I'm a full-time artist creating joyful, colorful, happyful original artwork + wall art prints for collectors craving vibrancy in their lives and on their walls. Painting out of my studios in Florida and Sweden.

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  • "Jordan's paint classes are the highlight of my month! It's fun to be guided through a painting and learn more about watercoloring."

    Francesca R.

  • “I originally found Jordan on Etsy. I loved her work and purchased a small watercolor print from her. I was looking for an additional piece of art to complement the small watercolor. I just couldn't find what I wanted in retail stores. So, I reached out to see if she had what I was looking for... We decided to go with a commission piece. I was hesitant when we started, but she went above and beyond to make sure my final piece was perfect. Jordan did such a wonderful job and held my hand during the process. She did check in’s to make sure the colors, textures, sizes, etc were perfect. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for custom art!”

    Ashli J.

  • “Jordan’s design not only evoked the spirit of our brand but perfectly represented the flavors in our beer and ultimately expressed the experience we wanted our customers to have. She was easy to work with and gave us options to choose from.”

    Joseph R.

  • “I've been following Jordan through her art journey and one day I saw an original that I literally couldn't resist because it brought a smile to my face. I reached out and purchased the piece and even had personal requests. Jordan worked with me and was very easy to communicate with. Long story short, the art arrived, the process was easy and comfortable for me and I love the happiness and color it brings my home every day.”

    Natalie E.

  • “Jordan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She made my entire production process a complete breeze! I simply messaged her with my inquiry on Instagram and within minutes had a response + conversation started. She offered far more than what was asked and expected, helping level up the basics of our existing program. Out of our 3 core workshops, Jordan's was the most educational and impactful. Not only did she provide helpful tips before and during, Jordan provided each student with a sheet of helpful takeaways. She truly cares about the success of her students!”

    Lexi S.

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