The Paradise Collection: A Little Bit of Home

The Paradise Collection: A Little Bit of Home

I love creating bodies of work. I didn’t know that I’d love merging two collections to create something entirely different even more.

The Paradise Collection is the combination of typography from the Flowering Fruit Collection and tropical paintings from The Tropics Collection.

Large Tropical Wall Art print with palm trees

As I’ve grown older and as I’ve come to live in the north of the world that is Sweden, I’ve begun to lean into my Florida roots more. I love tropical culture. I love palm trees, beaches, and sunsets over the ocean. Pretty cliché and tacky but I don’t care so much anymore. Those things bring me a lot of ease and peace.

I painted all of the beach scenes in The Tropics Collection from imagination. Pulling on trips I’d taken as a child all over the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Horizontal Tropical wall art print on blue wall

There were blank walls in my apartment in Sweden and there was an obvious need to fill them (honestly, it’s amazing what hanging art up does in a home). But I’m not totally partial to Scandi design. I don’t jive with minimalism or neutral palettes. I’m here for the color!

So, I wanted to bring my memories of home back to the north and fill those memories with as much wanderlust as I could.

Tropical wall art print with palm tree fonds

As I was preparing to leave Florida for the last time, I revisited The Tropics Collection. I felt they weren’t finished yet, there was something to expand on there. The essence of these paintings felt a little foreign. Like a place, you may not know the language of or temperatures and humidity you’re entirely unfamiliar with. My step-mom walked by (who is Puerto Rican) as I was going through the paintings and simply said “tropicalé.”

Done. Donzo. Termiando.

That was it! To me, and apparently, to her, that was the vibe. And then another little spark of inspiration arose.

tropical wall art print beach with palm tree

Take the format and typography from the Flowering Fruits Collection and insert The Tropics lush tropical paintings! Duhh.

“Tropicalé” means tropical in Spanish, or at least it’s one way of saying it and ‘tropicalized’ in French (from what I understand). I love that both languages are present because both languages are present throughout the Caribbean. It all circles back to those memories of the islands I have as a child.

I sat with these for a while, trying to figure out what would be cohesive and what would let each painting shine. And in an attempt to bring balance into the mix I went with an off-white background, that of the Flowering Fruit Series. I landed on various fun colors for “Tropicalé,” which accented each painting’s colors.
There are beautiful striking brush strokes and vibrant colors in these art prints. I can’t get enough of the texture

tropical wall art print beach with palm tree

The Paradise Collection consists of 13 different art prints available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Sizes range from 8x10 inches up to 24x36 inches and 30x40 centimeters to 70x100 centimeters.

You can find tropical art prints from The Tropics Collection here.
You can find fun kitchen wall art of fruits from the Flowering Fruit Series here.

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