Moving My Life and Art Business to Sweden

Moving My Life and Art Business to Sweden

I thought I moved to Sweden in December of 2019. I arrived and immigration authorities said, no it doesn’t matter that you’ve been married for nearly a decade, you can’t stay here. 

So I was scheduled and packed to leave in March. Two days later, COVID shut down the world. 


cute houses with garden malmo sweden


It’s been a VERY strange and unusual process immigrating to Sweden.

My residency permit was approved in November of 2021 and now I can officially make the move to Sweden. Yay!

Sweden may seem a bit random, so why Sweden? My partner is Swedish. We met in NYC when we were babies in our early 20s living there and now we’ve decided to make the move to Europe. 


swedish candy in malmo sweden


I’m really excited to finally begin my life again with my partner. It’s been two years of back and forth and being split up for three months at a time. 

We have an apartment in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö is in Skåne, which is the southernmost part of Sweden. Malmö is just over the bridge from Copenhagen and makes going back and forth really easy. It’s also fairly centrally located for traveling around Europe. I’m so excited to finally be able to take weekend trips to Berlin and London. 


pildammsparken lake malmo sweden


Travel really influences my artwork in both my art print collections and original fine art collections. This new life in Europe will undoubtedly influence the work I create in 2022 and beyond – Skåne has some beautiful landscapes and I’ll definitely be bringing those into the fold more with my collections this year. 


pildammsparken malmo sweden


You may be wondering, what does this mean for my artwork and shipping? 


I have an amazing relationship with my printer in the US and things will operate as usual for the Print Shop when I move. All US and Canada art print orders will be shipped from the US and shipping options will stay the same as they are currently. 

Once I get my VAT all squared away, all EU / European orders will be shipped from Sweden. This is good news I think because the cost of shipping prints will be dramatically reduced. 


Swedsih skane hills landscape wall art print framed


For original pieces of art, those will be painted and shipped from my art studio in Sweden. Shipping options will change slightly for those, but more to come on that once the dust settles! 


If you’re interested in learning more about original collections and getting a sneaky discount on your first print order, head here for the VIP list.


For my Swedish Landscape Prints click here.


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