Hi, I'm Jordan. Welcome ! 

I'm a full-time working artist painting out of my studios in Europe and the United States. I bounce between places throughout the year to change up my scenery by exploring Sweden and soaking up the sun in Florida. This mix of locations throughout the year allows me to gather inspiration in a more natural way and in doing so informs many of my collections.

I can’t believe I get to call art my job.

Three years ago, I picked up a watercolor set for the first time since high-school. I took to that medium as salt takes to a margarita. Sometimes that happens, and you flow with it and soak up all that it has to teach you. 

As I've grown as an artist I've incorporated more mediums into my repertoire. Currently, I'm working with watercolors, gouache, acrylics, and oil pastels. Inspiration to create in new and more expressive ways always pushes me to explore different materials - something that brings me great pleasure. 

I'm self-represented and have many different offerings of my work. I release a few collections of original (usually large-scale) paintings every year. I have a growing Print Shop that is updated with new print collections every couple of months. And I've started to bring in the freelance illustration side of my business and I now offer a line of eco-friendly greeting cards! 

When I'm not painting away or packing all of my amazing customers' orders, I'm cooking. Definitely cooking, eating amazing cheeses, and sipping the most perfect wines. Painting is my newest and greatest love but cooking is my oldest love. 

Thank you for checking in!

I’m incredibly thankful for my friends and family who’ve supported me wholeheartedly in my adventure and so grateful to all the customers, clients, and small businesses who’ve worked with me.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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