Original Fine Art Watercolor Paintings by Artist Jordan McDowell


Commissioning a One-of-a-Kind Piece of Art

There’s a space in your home that you know has amazing potential. You understand the need for colors and textures– that they’ll light up the area and turn that OK looking spot into the nook that makes your home, a home.

What you need is an original piece of artwork created with your spirit in mind. 


Original Fine Art Watercolor Paintings by Artist Jordan McDowell




My Commission Process




One of the most important parts of my process is understanding the space you think your painting is going to go. You may have a couple of ideas floating around, and that’s ok too!

I’m here to guide you and hold your hand through the process.

I share ideas of size and dimension with you and you tell me what you’re vibing with. This is the feelers sort of stage. You and I are going to talk a lot about your home, what the environment’s like, and the lighting. We’re going to generate ideas about what the room could feel like until one of idea clicks and you are like “YES! Yes, that’s exactly what I want.” 




This is when I ask you lots of questions about you, your interests, your home, all the things so I can learn what makes you, you. This part is really important because I want to understand your vibe and the colors and textures that you’re going to click with. 

You may already have a fully-fleshed out idea, and that’s awesome– we can roll from there, but you may not and this is the stage where I help you fully realize what it is you’re looking for.

I start by asking you to build a Pinterest page having you add two segments. 1) adding images of subject matters, artwork, patterns, decor, interior settings, anything you like into a folder. 2) I have you do the same thing but for things you happen to come across that you don’t click with into a separate folder. From there I start creating.




One of the things I hear most often from new collectors is the fear of starting a commission because they don’t know what it’s going to look like until the end and what if they don’t like it?

This is why this stage of my process is so helpful for collectors. I create initial loose paintings for all my clients to review, share likes and dislikes so that together, we’re creating a painting you love!

I provide a couple of different directions we could go in and let you see into my studio and how I’m going to bring your vision into your home. Once you decide what sketch you want to move forward on, commissions usually take 4-6 weeks and could take longer during the holiday season.




Once we’ve decided on a direction to go in, I get to work! Commission prices vary depending on the size, materials, and scope of the project. I send out a personalized quote for each of the projects I undertake because no two paintings are ever the same. To begin, I ask for a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance and shipping cost due at completion. 


Have more questions about commissioning an original? Or ready to move forward and get started? Email me below! 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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